How to manage performance to get results

Performance management shouldn’t be a repetitive ritual about ticking boxes. It should be a meaningful exercise that motivates your people to hit their targets and out-perform competitors.

Good performance management is about more than just helping people work harder. It’s about helping teams work together towards goals that really matter to your organisation.

When your people are all driven by the same core values, they are more likely to innovate solutions to business problems. They are also less likely to clash while working towards personal targets.

Traditional employee-manager appraisals do not always produce reliable performance data. Ask your employees to assess their peers – this helps you generate accurate 360 degree feedback.

By comparing scores, you can discover your top performers, and see who might need a little extra support. This will help you spend training and development resources where it matters most.

Meaningful performance management with People®

Motivate your employees to meet their targets and develop their skills. Track your results, and keep getting better.

Meaningful performance management with People®

Motivate your employees to meet their targets and develop their skills. Track your results, and keep getting better.

  • Measure

    Measure the skills and values most important to your organisation

  • React

    Compare your results to decide who to promote, train and reward

  • Improve

    Track year-on-year progress to ensure continuous improvement


How it works

Build flexible performance reviews and customise for each department or team

Align questions with core values to ensure everybody is working towards one big picture

Employees and managers work together to rate performance

Support data with anonymous peer assessments, also called 360 degree feedback

Act on the data you collect, to deliver targeted training, development and rewards

Compare scores to discover your highest and lowest performers

Improve year-on-year by tracking the progress you make between each performance review


How it works

Performance Features

Everything you get with People Performance

Flexible Settings


Create custom groups, and build a unique performance review for each. You can use traditional segments like team, location or department, or you can create your own from scratch.


Score employees in up to three different areas – overall performance, core values, and job-specific skills and competencies. Create your own labels for each type of rating.


Save your performance reviews as templates, to avoid starting from scratch in future. Build up a library of customisable, easy-to-access performance review templates.


Set your performance reviews to launch like clockwork, according to your preferred timetable. Review performance annually, quarterly, monthly, or create your own custom schedule.


Design Questions

Design questions that rate employee performance within each segment – overall, core, and job-specific. Add 360 degree questions to include anonymous feedback from colleagues.

Choose Scoring

For each question, you can request number-based ratings, text-based answers, or a mixture of both. This helps you collect a good balance of qualitative and quantitative performance data.

Help Text

Add clarifications, prompts, examples and other help text. This helps managers and employees understand what you’re asking, while letting you keep questions concise.

Align Values

You can align each question with a core business value. This helps you identify how and where employees are most contributing to the overall success of your organisation.

Seamless Rollout

Automatic Launch

Set your performance reviews to launch how you want, when you want. You can automate your launch to occur every year, quarter, month, or create your own schedule entirely.

Alerts & Notifications

Your software will automatically inform employees and managers when their performance review is due, and will remind them to answer questions and complete assessments.

Real-Time Dashboard

Check in on the status of your performance reviews any time you like. Your dashboard gives you a beautiful breakdown of what’s happening in real-time, and lets you see if something needs chasing.

Interactive Assessments


Employees are asked to answer their own questions, and share their personal assessments with their managers for easy and instant collaboration.

360 Degree Feedback

Managers can ask other employees to provide feedback about their colleagues. These responses remain anonymous, and help to build a more accurate picture of performance.

Manager Review

Managers can review employee answers, check 360 degree feedback, add their own answers, and share final results with the employee for final discussion.


Once managers and employees are happy with their performance review, it can be signed off and locked. Results will be stored for analysis by administrator, and to support further development.

Goals & Objectives

Create Goals

Employees and managers can set up new goals and objectives based on the results of their performance review. This supports continuous improvements.

Set Priorities

Decide which goals are most important, by building a priority matrix. This ensures key areas for improvement get the attention they need, without having to cut the “nice to haves”.

Check Progress

Check the progress of goals and objectives any time you like. This helps you make sure employees are working towards their goals, and helps you provide the support they need throughout.

Reporting & Analysis

Compare Ratings

Identify star performers to decide who to reward, and find the people who might need a little extra help. Ratings are stacked against each other in league tables and performance charts.

Custom Reports

Build your own graphs, charts and reports, using the Query Builder tool. Export these reports to share performance progress with other people in your organisation.

Strengthen Values

Analyse performance against your company’s core values, to discover the talent making the biggest organisational impact, and to fill gaps quickly.